All memberships are auto-recurring, though they may be cancelled at any time directly from the CG Cookie Dashboard.

Citizen ($21/mo)

This membership is great for everyone that is looking to pick up a new skill in 3D, Game Development, Clay Sculpting and or Concept Art. This recurring monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time through your Subscriptions Tab. 

Benefits of this plan: 

  • Stream Video Lessons and Courses
  • Personal Portfolio Page
  • Upload unlimited Gallery Projects
  • Network via the integrated Community
  • Download Project Files and Resources
  • Attend Monthly Live Events

Citizen Pro ($239/yr -

We believe it takes about a year to really learn a new skill, about an hour a day for a solid year on CG Cookie. This investment comes with some extra perks. If you're serious about learning a new skill, Citizen Pro is the way to go. 

  •  All the perks of a Citizen +
  • Access to Exclusive Partner Discounts
  • Download HD Videos to Learn Offline or on the go
  • Submit work to Live Events for Critique sessions. 

Why not just call it Basic and Pro?

As a member, or Citizen of CG Cookie we hope you take advantage of the benefits of being a member of this unique community. It goes beyond consuming content and leaving. We see CG Cookie as a living breathing community you're actively involved, and inhabit... in other words... a Citizen. 😎

Are you interested in a Group/School Account?

Perfect for Universities and schools offering digital software education. Let CG Cookie work alongside your instructors and provide the content, allowing you more time to focus on the student. If you'd like to know more, please send an e-mail to

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