Creating a SketchFab Account for Exercises

You may come across a CG Cookie exercise that requires you to upload and share your 3D model on a 3rd party site such as SketchFab. We've found SketchFab to be the best way to share your 3D work with other members and instructors to get in-depth feedback. 

Attaching a SketchFab model to your CGC exercise

Don't have a SketchFab account? You can sign-up for free here.

SketchFab is a Citizen Perks Members

If you're an active Citizen subscriber, head over to our Citizen Perks page to reveal how to redeem a discount off of a SketchFab Pro account. 

Need more SketchFab Uploads?

If you plan on participating in more than one Sketchfab CG Cookie exercise per month, you may have to upgrade your SketchFab account. If you intend to keep your Free SketchFab account, simply mark your SketchFab upload as downloadable. By doing this you'll be able to upload unlimited files. 👍

While viewing your model on SketchFab, click the Edit Properties button, and then adjust the Download switch on the middle right of the screen, and set the appropriate license. 

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