If you have questions while taking a course on CG Cookie, avoid sending in general software questions to support. The best place to ask this is directly on the lesson. Being a global community, you will typically get a quicker answer. *Instructors do their best to frequently review questions on their content. 

⭐️ Please do not send software questions into support.

Being an educator we'd love to be able to answer all questions which come across our inbox, but we simply cannot. Due to the size of our crew, hours in the day and amount of coffee we may consume, general software questions should be directed towards the comments of the particular lesson on the site or the https://cgcookie.com/topics 

Our crew does scan comments daily and answers as many as we can with majority of the comments being answered by the community themselves. It is a fantastic way to gain exposure, meet new artists and feel good by helping others.

Protip: Keep an eye of your questions clicking on the Your Questions link from your Avatar Dropdown.

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