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CG Cookie is able to continue creating high quality education and resources for artists thanks to the huge support of our paying members. ❤️ The Cookie crew is enabled to work every day to bring added value to the site and bring up-to-date education on the every changing tech landscape.

To access majority of CGC's content a paid subscription is needed. View pricing.

CG Cookie does offer some free content. 

The Archive

As mentioned above, the software artists use, and even techniques are constantly being evolved in the CG industry. If a piece of content is starting to show it's age, CG Cookie will migrate it over to the Archive. There is still value to these lessons, though keep in mind there will be differences in the software interface, or techniques CGC may currently be teaching. View Archive

Free Lessons and Courses

In most cases the the basics of each skill set that is taught at CG Cookie is free: 3D Blender, 2D Concept, Traditional Sculpting, Game Development. This is done to allow artists to preview the content, while also getting a taste of what may be involved in that skill.

To recognize if a piece of content is free, look for the green free tag next to it!

Happy learning!

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