Integrated Community

The CG Cookie forum is now integrated into CG Cookie. This is exciting as we can now directly integrate site functions such as: Clicking avatar links to profile, site-wide mentions, and more. It is in the early stages, but excited to where it is going to go!

HD Video Download Button has been moved!

To help declutter things, the HD video download button has been added to the video player, available to all Citizen PRO members.

Recommended Engine (Smart Cookie)

We now do our best to recommend content to you based on your learning preferences and the difficulty of the subjects you're watching. 

It's not perfect, but we will be improving it over time.  🤓 To make sure you getting the most out of the feature, set up or adjust your learning preferences.

Update Gallery with Projects

Your Gallery items can now contain multiple images, along with an embedded video from or and or a model embed. 

Latest pages added + Content Corners

You can now bath yourself in the world of Blender, Concept, Game Development and or Sculpting with a click on the left-hand menu. 

Live Events!

Looking to take a break from watching lessons? Take advantage of your paid Citizen or Citizen Pro account. 

View the Live Events Calendar

Other stuff: 

  • Site wide mentions. Using the "@" symbol you can type a CGC username to notify and link to their profile. 
  • Video lessons now have the ability to auto-play to the next lesson. Off by default, though can be turned on within your App settings
  • Blog layout got a fresh coat of paint. 
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