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Courses are like classes in a traditional education sense. They are a wrapper of video lessons, quizzes, and exercises. Courses can contain chapters to offer mental breaks of study.

Clicking on a course will typically bring up the introduction video to the course. This video is designed to give you an insight into what the course is about.

Below the video player you will find all the information about the course: Lessons, About the Course, Questions, Course Files and Student Gallery.


Each course primarily will contain video lessons. These lessons, exercises and quizzes are organized within chapters.


If there isn't a clear introduction video, the about page is a descriptive overview of what you'll learn by taking the course.


Have a question about the course before you take it or if you're stuck on a certain area. Ask you question here and answer other students.

Course Files

Typically project files and HD video lessons are available for download to Pro members. These files are .zipped to allow quick download and less chance of corruption. To extract these use a .zip extraction software.

Author information and Difficulty

Additionally to the right you can quickly glance to review what software is being taught, the difficulty level and the instructors bio.

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