Learning online is hard. CG Cookie created exercises to break the monotony of video lessons, while giving you a chance to test what you've learned.

What are Exercises?

Exercises are challenges CG Cookie offers to our members. They contain a set of instructions, assignment and criteria that should be met by those participating within the exercise. 

Participating in an Exercise

🍪 To participate by submitting your exercise submission, a paid Citizen or Citizen Pro subscription is needed. 

Each exercise is different. CG Cookie offers these challenges across disciplines: 2D, 3D, Game and Sculpting. Some of the exercises require an image to be upload, while others lean on embedding your http://sketchfab.com model.

It may take some time to get the votes needed to calculate a pass or fail score on your exercise. Be positive and share out your exercise on the community and with friends to get their feedback.

Exercises are community graded.

This means we are judged by our peers. Instructors may also vote on an exercises but due to the vast amount of submissions may not be able to review all of them.

Grading is based on the pass fail system. While viewing an exercises a CG Cookie member can decide if the piece has successfully accomplished the exercise rules set forth by the instructor. Members are encouraged to leave actual feedback as to why they voted Pass or Fail.

Exercises FAQ

Will the Instructor directly pass or fail my submission?

As much as we'd like to say yes, due to the amount of submissions Instructors may not be able to vote on all exercises submitted to their content. In the end it is up to the community to vote pass/fail on a submission. 

ℹ︎ If there are not enough votes an instructor may pass/fail the submissions at their own discretion. 

Do I get an award for completing an Exercise?

Other than bragging rights? ;) We do offer XP for receiving a passing grade on your Exercise submission.

Where do I manage my exercises?

Head over to your profile page, and click on Exercise Submissions. 

Help my Exercise is not showing up!

This is typically due to using an incorrect URL on a SketchFab based Exercise. Simple head over to manage your exercises and update the URL. When in doubt reach out to support@cgcookie.com.

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