If you'd like to become more familiar with Exercises read the Overview.

How to Submit an Exercise.

Depending on which exercises are available you have a few options to participate. 

Blender Exercises | Concept Exercises | Game Dev Exercises | Clay Sculpting Exercises

🍪 To participate by submitting your exercise submission, a paid Citizen subscription is needed. 

Before you dive in be sure to review a few things:

  • Thoroughly read through the Exercise Criteria and Overview. Each exercise is different and also requires different medium type responses: images, videos, sketchfab.com.

Step One - Click Submit Exercise button

Make sure you're logged in and have membership access. 

Step two - Fill out your exercise submission

There are 3 different types of exercises you may participate in. Unity (Game Development Exercise), 3D Blender rendered Image or SketchFab, or 2D by uploading an image.

Exercise Type: Unity

You will need to upload a Web GL file as a submission. You’ll upload your project externally then provide a public link to your index.html file.

Here are a few lessons that go into more detail:

Exercise Type: Image ( Blender 3D or Concept 2D )

Image Exercises are the most common, and typically involve less steps to submit your Exercises. To make sure you submission shines the best, keep in mind these image rules:

  • Recommended image types and dimensions: .jpgs 800px wide and 600px tall. You are able to upload larger ones, it just may alter how the image is displayed on the site.
  • File size should be less than 2MB is size.

Exercise Type: Sketchfab

A https://sketchfab.com free account is required to participate in these Exercises. However they are pretty excited to be involved in. Uploading your 3D work and allowing the community to review your wireframe, shading and topology through a single window is pretty neat!

By default models uploaded to Sketchfab are set in Draft Mode, disallowing your model to be shared with the world. Once you are ready to share your model as an exercise submission you will need to publish your model by clicking the Publish Model button.

To create a SketchFab exercise submission you will need to click on the Submit Exercise button on the exercise page under the exercise video. Start by filling out the form and then type in your SketchFab Username in the username field, and click the search button to look up the published models on your account. With your model(s) listed, select the model you want to submit and click Add Submission

If your model is not listed you will need to make sure it has been published on your SketchFab account. 

After you've successfully submitted an Exercise, take some time to vote and offer feedback on other artists that have submitted. This is great practice for you to offer constructive critiques, a skill every artist should hold.

Keep an eye out for feedback!

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