For users of Firefox based browsers, and other browsers with certain blockers, our on-site support chat program ( may not show while on the CG Cookie site.

⭐️ When you have the chat bubble available you are able to receive updates, reminders, tips, news, and most importantly the ability to receive support.

Firefox based browsers now have built-in tracking protection, which may blocks this on-site chat system. You are able to disable this protection by clicking the information icon to the left of the address bar, and then clicking the Disable protection for this session option. 

If you would like to keep from having to disable your tracking protection every time you visit the site, you may want to look into alternative tracking protection like Ghostery

Note: CGCookie does not run ads, or any 3rd party applications outside of the support chat software.

Are you still having issues seeing the chat Icon with another browser? Let us know. 

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