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Your CG Cookie Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of your learning progress and most recent content published to the community.

The Top Bar

  • This is displayed throughout your navigation.

Learning Level

  • This is your CG Cookie XP Level. It helps you stay motivated and track your progression through CG Cookie. XP is earned by doing positive things on the site such as taking quizzes, receiving loves on your images, etc..

User drop-down menu

User Menu

  • Quickly access your profile, bookmarks and account settings from any page. Note: Author Dashboard, Citizen Perks and other features may be depending on subscription level.

Heart Icon - Share the love

  • As a paying subscriber you have the ability to share it with your friends who also may enjoy learning from the Cookie.

Search Icon

Notifications (Bell icon)

  • When new content on the site is released, or you gain followers you will be notified here.

Question Mark Icon

  • Have a question? CG Cookie is a small crew, but we put customer service first and do our best to answer you as quickly as we can.

Recently Watched

  • At the beginning this block will be empty, though after you take some time exploring CG Cookie the last three video lessons you watch will be logged here. This allows you to pick up where you left off and the progress.

Learning Flow Progress

  • Quickly resume the Learning Flow you're enrolled in or explore other learning flows within CG Cookie. At a glance you can also see your total progress of the enrolled Learning Flow.

Latest Blog Post

  • Take a break from education to read some of our latest content on the CG Cookie Blog.

Fresh New Content

  • Keep an eye on this row to know what has been recently released to the CG Cookie Community, along with what is upcoming. If content is scheduled to be released soon, we also will give notice of it here.

If you're a member of our BETA program, you are able to use the gear icon ti filter what type of content you'd like to see further refining your CG Cookie experience.

Recent Gallery Images

  • Networking and putting yourself out there as an artist is important. This section is updated with the very latest Gallery images to be included within CG Cookie.

Recent Questions

  • Keep a pulse on what is being asked around the community. Jump in to help fellow artists or ask a couple questions yourself.

Exercises Ready for Grading

  • Displaying the last six Exercises uploaded to CG Cookie. Grab some coffee and vote to see if these entries passed the Exercise criteria.
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