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You can customize it to your liking by uploading a profile picture, header image, adding a personal description, and linking to your website or other social media accounts.

To update your Avatar, Profile Header Image or text to your profile, click on the green Edit Profile button on the top right. This will bring up an upload icon over your profile and header images, which you can click to upload an image from your computer.

While editing your profile, you can change your description text and social links down below in the About tab.

Once you have everything just the way you want it, click the green Save Settings button in the top right corner. To discard the changes, click Exit Editor instead.

Member Profile Features

  • Gallery displays all of your uploaded images,
  • Followers will show which members are following you,
  • Following contains all the members you are actively following,
    and Loves displays the images that you have loved.
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