CG Cookie goes beyond being an educator for the indie artist or studio. From tool development, passion projects and a thriving Market place, our drive is to help see the independent artist and studio become successful.

CG Cookie's team is derived of artists with experience in the game industry, film industry, homeschooled self-taught stubborn humans that refused to give up and strive for a better way of doing things.

Welcome to CG Cookie from the Cookie Crew!
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Dive into Education

Any veteran artist will tell you, "Never stop learning!". The areas of Game Development, Film, Concept Art and even Traditional Sculpting are constantly evolving: new techniques, new pipelines, updates to the tools we use.

CG Cookie offers a wide range of education related to Concept Art, 3D Modeling and Animation, Game Development and Traditional Clay Sculpting. From our curated learning flows, resources, or project based courses we've got you covered. Learn more about what we teach.

The first thing to do is define what you want to learn. Write it down and then walk back the steps you need to take to get there.

A good place to start is exploring CG Cookie's Learning Flows. These cover a wide range of fundamentals needed to get you started. If you're familiar with the fundamentals CG Cookie is frequently releasing new courses that cover intermediate and advanced material.

Say Hello to the Community

Putting your work, or yourself out there as an artist is one of the hardest things to do. Even veterans will still cringe as they upload artwork or share it out. It's normal to feel this way. If you receive negative feedback on your work, we've [written a guide to help you out. ](

So go say hello to the community, start up a Sketch or Polybook to begin!

Set a goal and stick to it

If you're on CG Cookie, chances are you are looking to achieve something. Whether that is creating the new MMO that is played around the world or to modeling your house for a home improvement project. The point is you have a goal.

The hard part is creating those habits that will incrementally get you to your end goal.

Even the best journeys involve many steps to get there.

Write down your goal

Make it real, make it something tangible. Post it up on your monitor, have it remind you on your phone each day, whatever works. That is the easy part.

Next is to create those habits that will get you to your goal. Some artists create a 30 day modeling challenge, Tim Von Rueden, CG Cookie's Concept artist draws something every day and is self-taught. You will need to find that challenge, that thing that most others aren't willing to do. This is where you will see success.

[Here are 5 tips to help you draw more. ](

Sell or buy digital goods from the Marketplace

We've all heard of the Starving Artist label. Most of us heard it from our parents as we've sent out on this artistic quest to find a living creating art. Unfortunately the label exists more out of truth than perception. However times are changing and as artists we are not able to; self-publish our own books, create games, sell our products online without a store deal, and numerous other commerce options to help keep food on our table and the lights on.

If you're a Blender artist CG Cookie has created the Blender Market with the goal of empowering artists and developers to grow professionally and to give back to Blender’s development and community.

Read these top reasons why you should be selling on the Blender Market.

Interesting in other Markets?

CG Cookie currently is offering the Marketplace to the Blender Community. If you're interested in contributing to a Game Development, 2D, or Sculpting Market let us know.

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