We focus on education for the Independent (Indie) artist and studio. This means we intentionally don't cover mass variety of softwares. Instead we focus on a pipeline that we believe works for any artists to become successful at their craft: Creating video games, short films, 3d models for printing, concept art and or traditional sculpting with clay.

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It is not as straight forward as you may think. It involves more than consuming mass amounts of coffee. :) Learn how

Learn to become a Concept Artist

Learn to draw your own characters and worlds. Set out on a journey to bring your vision to life by mastering the fine art of digital drawing.

Give your art the strongest foundation by first understanding the essential skills. Begin to understand values, forms, and lighting - as well as the software through which you will create. Follow our Learning Flow and start giving shape to your imagination with our view Introduction to 2D Art Learning Flow.

3D Modeling and Animation

Getting into 3D Modeling and Animation can be an incredible challenging adventure, yet highly rewarding.

Using an amazing open-source 3D Software Blender, CG Cookie will walk you through the fundamentals of Blender to make sure you have a solid grasp of the subject. If you're already familiar with the Blender basics, be sure to check out our intermediate and advanced Blender Courses.

Learn How to Make Video Games

Creating a new game takes skill and knowledge. Understand the science of game development and the key aspects that go into making a game that is truly outstanding.

Get to know the Unity interface, explore game objects and meet the Game View - a window which will allow you to test out your game. Whether you are just starting out or need a refresher of the basics, we got you covered. Join CG Cookie's Introduction to Unity to get started.

Discover the Beauty of Clay Sculpting

Welcome to the world of sculpting where true artistry lies at your fingertips! Earn a profound understanding of space and proportions - and sculpt the magical dragon you've always dreamed of.

View the Introduction to Sculpting Learning Flow

Do you dream of making your own board game pieces or a magical sculpt character to sit on your desk? Or do you want to mass produce dragons and sell them online? Let us help demystify mold making and get you on your way. Get started with mold making.

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In each of the subjects above, CG Cookie offers curated Learning Flows and individual project courses to help you kick off that new project, explore a new hobby or simply have some fun creating.

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