While learning a new skill you're bound to have questions, ideas and work you'd like to get feedback from the community on. With the backing of the CG Cookie community you have a few areas to seek help.

Account support

If you have questions related to your account management, click the help icon in the bottom right corner of the site or send an email to support@cgcookie.com

basic General Software Questions to a Global Community

CG Cookie's forum is the best place to start up a PolyBook, SketchBook, or dive into a software discussion on how to solve a particular issue.

These topics are great on the forum

  • Showcasing your PolyBook or SketchBook
  • "How do I..." type quesitons
  • "Help I am stuck.." type questions
  • Team project threads
  • Contests and livestream information

Please do not send software questions into support.

Being an educator we'd love to be able to answer all questions which come across our inbox, but we simply cannot. Due to the size of our crew, hours in the day and amount of coffee we may consume, general software questions should be directed towards the comments of the particular lesson on the site or the CG Cookie Community forum. In most cases the community will be able answer much faster than we could.

Help with specific content on CG Cookie

Similar to a traditional school environment, members are able to ask questions directly related to the Video Lesson, Exercises, or Resources available.

Just remember to keep your questions brief and to the point. This will help increase the likely hood of you getting a response.

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