Member Gallery

What is the Gallery?

Part of being an artist is putting yourself out there, getting feedback and evening surviving a negative critique of your work.

The CG Cookie gallery contains images from all four areas of education we teach: game developers, 3D artists, concept artists and traditional clay sculptors.

While browsing the gallery you're encouraged to leave feedback on your peers images.

Uploading your images to the gallery

While viewing the CG Cookie Gallery, any Free, Citizen or Citizen Pro member is able to share their artwork by clicking on the Upload Project button in the upper right corner.

Alternatively you are able to manage and submit your gallery projects directly from your portfolio projects tab while logged into CG Cookie.

Step 01: Add some information about your project:

Step 02: Adding Media

You are able to add multiple images, embed a video from Youtube or Vimeo + Sketchfab Embed all within the same project. 

Draft and Published

Keep your project in Draft if you're still working on it and not ready to show the world. Once you're ready for the project to show up in the CG Cookie gallery, come it to Published and Save Your Project. 

Managing your gallery images.

Decide to edit an image or remove it entirely? Head over to your profile to manage your gallery images. From here you can edit, delete and view your projects. 

Common questions related to the gallery

Why are my gallery images darker after upload? 

CG Cookie recommends uploading JPG file formats of your renders or photos to the gallery to have them shine their very best. 😎 They are smaller files and will hold more true to the original format while viewing online. 

When you’re dealing with online photos and/or artwork. JPEGs offer you the most flexibility with raster editing and compression making them ideal for web images that need to be downloaded quickly. -

Would you like to know all about the various file formats? Read the full guide from 99Designs. - 

Offsite Link: Image file formats: everything you’ve ever wanted to know

What is considered mature content on CG Cookie? 

Mature content is defined as content that may not be suitable for some audiences, such as nudity, excessive violence, blood, and other mature themes. Controversial pieces related to ideologically sensitive materials may also fall under these restrictions. 

In all cases CG Cookie reserves the right to remove these items if we deem it not appropriate for the community. 

A good rule of them is keep it PG-13 or below. 👍

Marking your content as Mature

While creating your Gallery Project you have the option to check your content as Mature. 

This will then add a Mature overlay to your projects thumbnail, making it unclickable to view the larger version of the Project, unless the member enables the viewing of Mature content. 

Adjusting your Mature Settings across the site

Within your CG Cookie App Preferences, you have the ability to show all Mature Content. Default setting for this toggle is off. 

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