Give $10 & Get $10 Affiliate Program

CG Cookie recent obtained our decade old badge. 😎 A rather elusive achievement to obtain as an online business these days. 

Being bootstrapped, our small team has had to focus on being successful out of the gate. This means earning the support of our customers from day one. 

While we've certainly engaged in paid advertisement on various platforms to help spread the word of the Cookie, though it never really felt right. In a way, we're investing $ outside of our community in adverts to grow/support our community. 

So instead we created the Give $10, Get $10 Affiliate program that directly puts the dollars back in our community. 

At the end of the day, we're still here because of you, and people like you in our community spreading the word and talking up this funny-named-site  So thanks! 

How to enroll as an Affiliate

Enrolling is easy, with only a couple requirements to become an affiliate of the Cookie. 

  • Must be a paying Citizen Subscriber of the 🍪,
  • Sorry if you're paying with a manual invoice, school account or gift user this program is currently not available. 

If the above sounds good, head over to to review the terms of service and get started. 

How do I refer somebody? 

Getting credit for referring somebody to the 🍪is easy! After agreeing to the Terms and Service of the program, grab your affiliate link presented on your Affiliate Dashboard and begin sharing it out! 

😎Be sure to adhere to some simple guidelines we ask you take into consideration when sharing out your link. CG Cookie may terminate your status in the program at any time. 

  • Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc)
  • We don't like SPAM, so please no mass mailing or spamming people. Lets keep the community strong! 
  • Be sure to disclose your affiliate relationship, 
  • Don't sell referrals, offer rebates or other kick-backs from your status within the program. 

How are discounts given? 

When somebody clicks your referral link, and they signup for a paid subscription, we'll give them $10 off of their first month. This is displayed to them during checkout. 

We will also let you know somebody used your link and create that entry within your Affiliate Dashboard. 

For you to receive the $10 credit on your account, there are a few things we're checking for: 

  • Have they been active, (a.k.a. not cancelled) within 75 days after signing up, 
  • is their payment method with a Credit Card or PayPal. 

If they pass this logic check, then we'll add a $10 credit to your account. This will be applied to your next billing cycle. 


How many people may I refer? There is no limit on how many people you may refer, though we please keep in mind mass mailing goes against the Affiliate Terms of Service. 

How long must the person I referred be active for me to see the $10 credit on my account? 

After 75 Days as an active contributing member to the community, we'll award the $10 credit to your account. Keep in mind, this is a credit applied to your next billing cycle. 

When in doubt, keep an eye on your referral statuses. 👍

Still have a burning question? Email us at

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