How to use CG Cookie School Overview

What are Schools?

"Schools" is a space within CG Cookie created to make learning easier for teachers and students.

The main benefit of using Schools (versus the standard CG Cookie membership) is twofold:

  1. Students are guided through the system by their teacher who can share documents and communicate with students via closed classroom discussions,
  2. Teachers gain an insight into their students' learning progress.

Who Can Help?

Your school has a dedicated CG Cookie advisor. Contact them with any questions, or simply email

Getting Started

Upon setting up a new school account, you will receive a unique domain name (example:

Your URL takes you to your school's page with an overview of your main statistics (number of classrooms, students, and their activity). 

After logging in, your school domain may also be accessed by clicking the School Menu item in the left hand menu. 

Adding and Removing Students

You can manage your students under "School Roster" which shows you how many seats (out of your total memberships purchased) are available. 

As long as you have seats available, you can add new students to your school by entering their email address under "Invite Member"

If they are an existing CG Cookie user, they will be added to your school automatically. If they don't have a CG Cookie account yet, they will be invited via email to create one.

Organizing Students Into Classrooms

Your school must have at least one classroom. 

A classroom is a grouping of students who study the same subject (e.g. 3D Animation, Concept Art, Game Development). Each class has its own list of students (all of whom must be existing students on your "School Roster"), downloads, and a discussion forum.

To add students to your classroom, go to section "Students" within your classroom. 

ℹ︎ Note: The student must first be added to the School Roster, before adding to your classroom. 

Only students assigned to a classroom can view its downloads and discussion forum. 

Tracking Your Students' Progress

Student activity can be viewed under your school roster. Select "View Report Card"for each students' progress.

The orange graph shows the number of XP (experience points) earned at CG Cookie in the last calendar week (XP are earned for doing positive things on the site: this can range from completing courses, uploading projects, and helping other artists on the site by answering question.)

Click "View Progress" to see each student's completed, as well as in-progress content, including learning flows, courses, exercises, quizzes, and resources they have downloaded.

The Report Card also shows:

  • Hours Watched, referring to total time spent watching CG Cookie videos since the user account was created,
  • Badges Earned, referring to Content Badges (earned based on volume of content watched) and Community Badges (earned based on activities like commenting on Gallery submissions, voting on exercises or participating in discussions),
  • Exercises Passed refers to the number of exercises completed successfully, 
  • Quizzes Passed refers to the number of quizzes completed successfully.

A basic progress report can also be printed by hitting the "Print Report" button.

Engaging With Your Students

Within each classroom, you can start a discussion or share a downloadable document.

Classroom Discussions can be used to make announcements, assign CG Cookie content for students to work through, or start a debate. Students can also upload an image or video based on an assignment, and have their work critiqued. 

A new discussion can be started by teacher as well as student.

Downloads can be created by a teacher only. Students are notified via email when a new document is available for download.


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