Earning XP (Experience Points)

Why offer XP on an education site? You've heard it before that online learning is tough, and it is hard to keep track of your progress or visual history of how far you've come.

CG Cookie created XP and Levels to give a meaning of measurement of your time and actions while learning from the Cookie.

Earning XP

Members may earn XP by participating in positive activities on the site: receiving loves on an uploaded image, getting your image featured, passing a quiz, etc.

The XP you earn helps increase your CG Cookie Level. Your level is displayed on your dashboard.   

The exact details of how they are awarded are kept a secret, well not too secret, however, we'd prefer to keep it a mystery to avoid members cheating the game.

In the end, XP is for you.

Finding ways to earn more XP to bump you up on the list only affects you and the perception of the progression of the site.

To keep track of your XP, visit your stats tab to view how much more XP is needed to reach the next level,.

CG Cookie Levels

Earning XP helps you level up your user account at CG Cookie. Currently leveling up will reward a new badge graphic for each level you traverse. In the future, we hope to expand the usage and value of levels within Cg Cookie.

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