Creating a new topic

How to create a new topic on the CG Cookie community forum

  1. While logged in with your CG Cookie account, head over to the community forum, 
  2. In the upper right-hand corner click the orange New button. Here you can choose two options. Don't fret, they are there to change the text on the buttons, nothing more. ;) 99.9% of the time you'll choose Forum Topic.

Take this opportunity to be specific and communicate efficiently, effectively and compellingly. 

  • Title: Avoid "help me" clear titles tend to attract more help! 
  • The Body: Go wild here explaining your question, or showing off your render.
  • Category: Where do you feel it bests belongs? 
  • Sub-Category: Okay to leave blank, or add in a bit more granularity for sorting, 
  • Status: If you're not ready yet choose Draft which you can access from the community front end, or keep it to Published to go out immediately after clicking Submit
  • Attach a file: Sometimes you need to attach files, we'll host files less than 5MB for free here at CG Cookie! 

When you're ready click submit. 

How to access draft threads

If you have any drafts, you can access these by going to the community home page, clicking Sort By: Your Drafts. 

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