Affiliate Disclosure Guidelines

We’ve compiled this guide to help Affiliates understand and abide by the regulations set forth by the FTC. We are following these regulations as our guide because the FTC governs trade in the United States (where CG Cookie is based). We acknowledge that many of our Affiliates are based outside the US, but request that these guidelines are followed internationally. As a general rule, we believe in full transparency and building trust by always keeping customers, and potential customers, fully informed when they are weighing decisions on purchases.

What is the Difference Between Affiliate Promotion and Sponsorship? 

An affiliate promotion is paid in commission whereas a sponsorship is not commission-based. Currently, CG Cookie does not participate in any sponsorships.

Legal Disclosure Requirements 

According to the FTC the reader or viewer must have “a clear and conspicuous disclosure of your relationship.” In other words, the term “affiliate” should be clearly defined and the disclosure and the affiliate link must be visible at the same time.

Examples of a Proper Disclosure 

Simply stating that the link is an “Affiliate Link” is not sufficient. Some people may not understand the meaning of “affiliate,” so you should define the term for them. Examples include: 

  • Affiliate Link (I am paid a commission for purchases made using this link) list link immediately following the disclosure.  
  • Mentioning in a video that you are paid a commission when someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase just prior to sharing the link and reviewing or demonstrating the product.

Examples of an Improper Disclosure 

It’s easy to make simple and unintentional mistakes, so here are some helpful hints regarding what to avoid. The disclosure and link should be placed close together so the reader can easily make the connection. Some examples of unaccepted disclosure placement include: 

  • Burying the disclosure information in a space separate from the link share, for instance, within a bio or “about” page.
  • Mentioning the disclosure at the beginning or end of a video separate from the time the link is shared. 
  • A reader would need to scroll between the disclosure and the affiliate link.

Thank you for being an important part of CG Cookie, and boosting the success of our site, your own business and the Blender Community. We hope this guide helps you keep your posts safe and build trust with your audience.

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