How to contact CG Cookie

Depending on the type of question you have, there are two main channels to ask for help. We're a small crew, though passionate about seeing you succeed, even if the answer may not reside on CG Cookie. 

Account support

For account support, the quickest path is to send us an email to We're a US-based company, with most of the crew available Mon-Friday 8 am - 5 pm CST - 6GMT. 

We do our best to answer all conversations within 24hrs, with the exception of holidays and weekends. On those days we're spending time with family and friends, but will be back fresh on Monday to assist! 

Have a Blender Question?

Please ask below the lesson or create a post on the community. That way you'll also be helping whoever else has the same question! You can tag '@jlampel' or '@theluthier' and Jonathan or Kent will get a notification to come to check it out if the author is not available. Happy Blending!

General Software Questions

CG Cookie's forum is the best place to start up a PolyBook, SketchBook, or dive into a software discussion on how to solve a particular issue.

These topics are great on the forum

  • Showcasing your PolyBook or SketchBook,
  • How do I..., 
  • Help I am stuck..,
  • Team project threads,
  • Community Challenges and Live events, 

Help with specific content on CG Cookie

Similar to a traditional school environment, members are able to ask questions directly related to the Video Lesson, Exercises, or Resources available. Ask questions just below the video player and lesson description. 

Just remember to keep your questions brief and to the point. This will help increase the likely hood of you getting a response. If by chance you've asked a question, and there hasn't been an answer within 48hrs, please let us know at Being a small crew we may miss some questions from time-to-time, it's not intentional, we just need more coffee. ;) ☕️

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