CG Cookie, Getting started in 3 easy steps

CG Cookie goes beyond being an educator for Blender artists. From tool development, passion projects and a thriving Market place, our drive is to help see the independent artist and studio become successful.

CG Cookie's team is derived of artists with experience in the game industry, film industry, homeschooled self-taught stubborn humans that refused to give up and strive for a better way of doing things. Read our Story

Let's get started!

Step 1. Watch some Blender training. 

As a Citizen member you have hundreds of Blender videos at your fingertips. If you've already conquered the Blender Basics then it's time to explore further! To help navigate our library content is broken up into a couple different sections. 

Blender's Latest 

Visit the Blender Latest page to see what is being watched by the community, new training from the Cookie crew and latest community posts related to Blender. 

Learning Flows

Think of Learning Flows as your guided path. Technically speaking, they are a set of courses, video lessons, exercises and quizzes designed to teach you a certain skill. It could also be viewed as: Flows contain Courses, Courses contain video lessons, exercises and quizzes. 

Learning Flows are presented linearly, however if you're familiar with a topic you're welcome to skip around..

Courses and Tutorials

Blender Courses are like classes in a traditional education sense. They are a wrapper of video lessons, quizzes, and exercises. Courses can contain chapters to offer mental breaks of study. Similarly Tutorials are single video lessons covering a single subject in a brief amount of time. 


Exercises are Blender challenges for our Citizen members. They contain a set of instructions, assignment and criteria that should be met by those participating within the exercise. 

Step 2. Ask your question! 

You likely stumbled onto CG Cookie looking to have a question answered. Don't be shy, head over to the community forum and ask it! 

Step 3: Customize your Profile

If you're a member of CG Cookie, you're part of an excellent community of all kinds of artists. Help us get to know you better!

You can customize it to your liking by uploading a profile picture, header image, adding a personal description, and linking to your website or other social media accounts.

Click on the "Edit Profile" button on the right hand side. 

Member Profile Features

  • Gallery displays all of your uploaded images,
  • Followers will show which members are following you,
  • Following contains all the members you are actively following,
    and Loves displays the images that you have loved.

Step 4: RSVP for a Live Event

A benefit of being a Citizen of CG Cookie is access the community. Having a group of artist, learning side-by-side to bounce ideas off of and challenge each other. Live Events are quite possibly the most engaging aspect of CG Cookie. Where you collectively learn and engage live with a CG Cookie instructor. 

RSVP for a live stream today. 

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