Blender Key Terms and Hot Keys

A quick tip guide for those just getting started with Blender with key terms and hotkeys. 

Key Terms

User Interface

  • 3D-View: Also referred to as the “viewport”, this is where all 3D interaction take place.
  • Properties EditorMain collection of scene and object parameters.
  • OrbitRotating the user’s “camera” around the focal point
  • Dolly: Moving the user’s “camera” toward or away from the focal point.
  • Pan: Moving the user’s “camera” up, down, left, or right, parallel to the focal point.

Object Interaction

  • Object Mode: Default interactive state with objects at their “root” level.
  • Edit Mode: Granular object interaction; manipulation of object’s components.
  • Translate: Moving objects and object components in 3D space
  • Rotate: Revolving objects and object components around in 3D space.
  • Scale: Enlarging / shrinking objects and object components in 3D space.
  • Model3D object composed of vertices, edges, and faces.
  • VertexSimplest component; a singular point in space.
  • Edge: Line that connects two vertices and separates two faces.
  • Face: Planar space that’s bordered by 3 or more edges. Also called a “polygon”.

3D Pipeline

  • Modeling: Building objects like environments, characters, and props.
  • Texturing: Applying digital paint to 3D objects
  • ShadingCreating materials that reflect real world material properties.
  • LightingIntroducing light to 3D scenes with lamp objects and environment textures.
  • Rigging: Adding a digital skeleton to characters or anything with complex movement.
  • Animation: The art of creating motion.
  • Rendering: Computational process of turning raw 3D data into an image or video output.
  • Compositing: Process of combining and tweaking renders for final output.

Hotkeys (Blender 2.79)

  • Orbit: Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
  • Dolly: CTRL + MMB
  • Pan: SHIFT + MMB
  • View Selected: (num pad)
  • Edit Mode: TAB
  • Translate: G
  • Rotate: R
  • Scale: S
  • Add Object: SHIFT + A
  • Delete Object: X
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