Watching videos on CG Cookie

Majority of education content on CG Cookie is presented in a streaming video format. This can be viewed from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet when on the go. Let's break down the things you can do with our video player. 

Things you can do while watching a video on CG Cookie

  1. Play and or Pause the video
  2. If you happen to miss something you can rewind the video 10 seconds,
  3. Need to copy a link to a specific time in the video? Clicking the clock icon will copy the timestamped link, so you may paste that in the CG Cookie forum or elsewhere when appropriate, 
  4. Typically displayed on Courses, this icon will widen the view, and push the chapter list below.
  5. Closed Captions will be available on majority of our newer content. Clicking this icon will allow you to enable it, and search the captions, 
  6. Volume Level,
  7. Settings, here you can adjust the playback speed and the quality of the video, 
  8. As an active Citizen subscriber, you have the ability to download HD versions of each lesson. Here is where you do so, 
  9. Go full screen, keep in mind auto-play to the next lesson will not work in full-screen mode

Just below the video player is key information about what you're watching and additional options. 

To the left you will find your breadcrumb navigation. This is where in the content library you are and the name of the lesson you're watching. 

To the top right there are three primary icons available to you. 

  1. Bookmarks: The ability to bookmark a lesson for later viewing, 
  2. Download project files: If a piece of content requires you to download a file, or resource clicking this cloud icon will reveal the attached source files, 
  3. Eye-ball: Mark as watched. CG Cookie enables progress tracking, and with you in control of it. If you watch the majority of the video we will mark it as watched automatically, or if you'd prefer you may manually do that by clicking the eye icon.

Common questions

How many videos am I able to download? 

With CG Cookie being a worldwide service, we understand that not everyone has access to a stable connection, and this is why we offer HD Video Downloads to our Citizen members. With this feature we do limit the number of downloads to 53 per month, which is the maximum amount of videos a dedicated member could reasonably work through in a given month.

Accounts above the limit may have their download privileges removed, or in the worst case be banned, removed, and exempt from any refunds. 

How do I enable or disable autoplay of a video lessons? 

By default when you create an account on CG Cookie, video lessons are not enabled to auto-play to the next video. Depending on your learning style, you may prefer to have this on. 

After logging into your CG Cookie account, head over to your application preferences. to set the desired behavior. 

Note: currently when viewing a video in full-screen, videos will exit full screen to traverse to the next video lesson. 

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