Community forum tips and tricks

Mentioning community members

I could be beneficial to mention a member in a reply and or post to get their attention, or bring them into a conversation. Mentioning a member will notify them of the mention and a link to where they were mentioned IF they have notifications turned on within their Notifications and Email settings. 

To mention a member, type the @ symbol followed by their username. Usernames can be found on the forum next to their first and last name. If the member hasn't filled in their first and last, then the username will primarily be displayed. When mentioning members on the site, it's the username you must type in. 

Additionally, when viewing their profile, the username is the last section of the URL in your browser. 

Linking to a specific reply within the forum

Clicking on the date the reply was made will highlight the reply, and update the URL within your browser. Copy and share this link to have a person be taking directly to the reply. 

Marking a reply as the correct answer

In questions and sometimes in topics it's nice to let everyone know the correct answer. This helps other members with a similar question, quickly find the correct answer in a long discussion. As the author of the Question or Topic, you have the ability to mark a reply as correct by using the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the reply. 

Marking it as the correct answer will update the reply visually with a Correct Answer badge. 

Changing the default display for nested replies

By default nested replies are expanded to give you the big picture view of the thread. Though if you'd prefer to explore nested replies on your own, you can turn this off by default through your Application Preferences. 

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