Downloading Project Files

Sometimes a Course or Live Stream may have project files to download. These are available to active Citizen subscribers to CG Cookie and can be downloaded by clicking on any lesson of the course and scrolling down.  (Some lessons include free videos open to non-members.  This will be noted with a "free" tag in the menu of videos on the right.  The downloads will not not be available in those free public video.  You will see them listed under the videos that follow later in the course).

Where can these files be found? 

As a logged-in member, click on any of the lessons within the course you're looking to download the project files from. Scroll down below the lesson's text and you'll see an expandable drawer link. 

Click the "Download X Course Files" to reveal all of the downloadable links available. 

If you're looking to download the HD version of the video you're streaming, you can do this through the Video player. Available to paying subscribers. 

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