Pricing and Plans Guide

What is the Citizen membership?

CG Cookie's mission is to be more than a training site, The definition of a " citizen" varies, though we feel it is an individual that is engaged and present in the community. This is fundamentally required to get the best out of of CG Cookie to help achieve what you're setting out to do. 

As a member, or Citizen of CG Cookie we hope you take advantage of the benefits of being a member of this unique community. It goes beyond consuming content and leaving. We see CG Cookie as a living breathing community you're actively involved, and inhabit... in other words... a Citizen. 😎

Plans and Features

Free Citizen 
Exploring CG Cookie
and it's community
Full access to all training,
live events, and downloads, 
  • Portfolio Page
  • Upload to Gallery
  • Post topics to the community gallery
  • All Hobby Features
  • Download video lessons to learn on the go, 
  • Access to live events and classes, 
  • Project and Resource Downloads,
  • Exercises and Quizzes
  • Access to exclusive partner discounts, 
  • Submit work to live event critique sessions

We believe it takes about a year to really learn a new skill, about an hour a day for a solid year on CG Cookie. This investment comes with some extra perks. If you're serious about learning a new skill, Citizen  is the way to go. 

Subscription Questions

What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for monthly, quarterly and annual payments. 

How do I update my credit card information?

You may update your credit card information by visiting your Membership Tab while logged into CG Cookie. From here you can add a new card by clicking the "Add New Card" Button at the bottom. You should have an option to delete the old card and keep the new. 

Are you interested in a Group/School Account?

Perfect for Universities and schools offering digital software education. Let CG Cookie work alongside your instructors and provide the content, allowing you more time to focus on the student. If you'd like to know more, please send an e-mail to

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