License of project files

CG Cookie enables Citizen members to follow along by downloading project files. These project files are there as another tool to help make the learning process more efficient. In some cases, the project files contain some goodies you may want to use on your personal and or commercial projects. 

In this article, I'll go over what's generally OK and what is generally NOT okay to do when downloading project files from CG Cookie. 

What is generally OK

  • Use the files to follow along with the instructor or attempt to go at it at your own pace, 
  • Post your results from working with the files online, 
  • Using them within personal projects with attribution to CG Cookie, 
  • Using the skills gained to create new content from scratch for your commercial project, 

What's generally not OK

  • The re-sharing of project files outside of the CGC Citizen ecosystem, 
  • Using the project files for commercial use,

Are you not sure if your use is OK? Send us an email to and we can help guide you.

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